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HocuSpoon - Magic Spice Spoon

HocuSpoon - Magic Spice Spoon

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The HocuSpoon is the ideal solution to creating instant and professional looking detail and décor on food. With this you can amaze your friends and delight your family by easily decorating almost any foods from cappuccinos through mashed potato to crème Brûlée and much more. It’s great for kids too. The device is so simple to use that kids can add a picture to their favourite cupcakes or for the fussy eater mom or dad can put more than just a smile on a mashed potato or a favourite meal. Included templates: snowman standby cat deer clock snow shooting star bag star ornament leaf hat bear Christmas tree house butterfly gift Saturnus smile bell wifi monkey gloves glasses umbrella sun candy diamond heart skates ice cream sailboat socks tree circle sledge Santa Moon bow gingerbread fish flower angel mouth spiral candle cloud sieve By using the HocuSpoon you can easily add a little flair to your food and make any meal a little more entertaining or special simply by placing your favourite powdered or finely granulated ingredient onto the spoon and sprinkling it on the food. Anyone can easily create a smiley face, teddy bear, or multitude of images from the provided templates. You and your children will never tire of using the HocuSpoon, as you will be able to make beautiful decoration for any occasion. HocuSpoon is simple to operate and requires little maintenance, which means that anyone can use it. You just fill it with ground material, press the button and decorate! Package contains: HocuSpoon – The Magic Spice Spoon, 48 templates: snowman, standby, cat, deer, clock, snow, shooting star, bag, star, ornament, leaf, hat, bear, Christmas tree, house, butterfly, gift, Saturnus, smile, bell, wifi, monkey, gloves, glasses, umbrella, sun, candy, diamond, heart, skates, ice cream, sailboat, socks, tree, circle, sledge, Santa, Moon, bow, gingerbread, fish, flower, angel, mouth, spiral, candle, cloud, sieve, Batteries, Users Manual, Transparent Case. Official website:

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