HocuSpoon – The Magic Spice Spoon – Easter Set – 51 Stencils

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USD $26.99

Pink HocuSpoon in exclusive transparent box. 51 Stencils included!

What is included in the package?

  • HocuSpoon – The Magic Spice Spoon – Pink
  • 51 templates (Easter stencil set + Christmas stencil set + Life stencil set + Basic stencil set)
  • Batteries
  • Users Manual
  • Transparent Case

Official webpage: www.hocuspoon.com

HocuSpoon Easter Set

HocuSpoon Easter Egg

HocuSpoon Easter Chicken

HocuSpoon Easter Rabbit

HocuSpoon Pink 48 Stencils!




HocuSpoon CSS_kicsi-31

HocuSpoon Easter Set

Easter Stencil Set (included)

Christmas Stencil Set

Christmas Stencil Set (included)

Life Stencil Set

Life Stencil Set (included)

Basic Stencil Set

Basic Stencil Set (included)