HocuSpoon – The Magic Spice Spoon – Black – 48 Stencils

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USD $24.99

Black HocuSpoon in exclusive transparent box. 48 stencils included!

What is included in the package?

  • HocuSpoon – The Magic Spice Spoon – Black
  • 48 templates
    • snowman, standby, cat, deer, clock, snow, shooting star, bag, star, ornament, leaf, hat, bear, Christmas tree, house, butterfly, gift, Saturnus, smile, bell, wifi, monkey, gloves, glasses, umbrella, sun, candy, diamond, heart, skates, ice cream, sailboat, socks, tree, circle, sledge, Santa, Moon, bow, gingerbread, fish, flower, angel, mouth, spiral, candle, cloud, sieve
  • Batteries
  • Users Manual
  • Transparent Case

Official webpage: www.hocuspoon.com

The following 48 templates included:

Christmas Stencil Set

Life Stencil Set

Basic Stencil Set